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Previously I have used mysql RubyGem in my app. Now I have switched to mysql2 RubyGem and I'm having problems with Result class.

Code example:

db_values = ActiveRecord::Base.connection.execute(sql)

db_values.each_hash do |db_value|
  ret_val << MyValue.do_smth_with_data(db_value)

Previously (in mysql RubyGem) there was each_hash method for looping through the data. In mysql2 RubyGem there is just a 3 possible methods (count, each, fields) for Result class and one of them is each method, but that is not what I need to loop fetched data.

Any suggestion?

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the mysql2 gem includes the Enumerable module, so you just use each instead of each_hash.

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The Connection's select_all method is also useful here. It "returns an array of record hashes with the column names as keys and column values as values."

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