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I have this forumula in a Excel sheet :


where cells:

B2 = 40000

B3 = 1.0%

B6 = 30

B12 = 10.0%

B14 = 20.0%

The excel produces the following result: 139,834

I started looking at the 'else' part seeing as B3 not equal to 1, however I having issues with my calculations in JavaScript. Below is what I got (code is inside a function):

    var B2 = 40000; 
    var B3 =  1/100; 
    var B6 = 30; 
    var B12 = 10/100;
    var B14 = 20/100;

    var calc = Math.pow ((1-(1+B3)),B6) / Math.log ( (1 / (1+B3)) * B12 * B2);

    return ( calc );

What I'm getting back is 1.2071318349401829e-61

Anyone know where I'm going wrong or how I would go about getting the correct result in JavaScript?

Any help appreciated.

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in your js, B14 is worth 10% (VS 20% in Excel), is it a typo ? – JMax Jul 22 '11 at 14:22
Yes sorry that is a type it should be 20% - var B14 = 20/100; – Sukh Jul 22 '11 at 14:28
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In excel you have


which is the same as


in javascript you have

Math.pow ((1-(1+B3)),B6)

which is different

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Oh damn I feel like a right idiot. Thanks mate :) – Sukh Jul 22 '11 at 14:57

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