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I am really new in PHP and need a suggestion about array search.

If I want to search for an element inside multidimensional array I can either use Array_Filter Or I can loop through array and see if element is there than get it .

I see both suggestion at many places . Which is faster ?Below is a sample array.

Array ( 
  [0] => Array ( 
  [id] => 4e288306a74848.46724799
  [question] => Which city is capital of New York?

    [answers] => Array ( 

                [0] => Array ( 
                [id] => 4e288b637072c6.27436568 
                [answer] => New York 
                [question_id_fk] => 4e288306a74848.46724799 
                [correct] => 0 

                [1] => Array ( 
                [id] => 4e288b63709a24.35955656 
                [answer] => Albany 
                [question_id_fk] => 4e288306a74848.46724799 
                [correct] => 1 


I am searching like this .

$thisQuestion = array_filter($pollQuestions,function($q) {
                          return questionId == $q["id"];
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Please exactly describe what you want to do? Multidimensional arrays? array_filter() cannot handle them natively. You're looking for a single value inside an array? array_filter() is not the best way to do this because you can stop iteration when you found the value you've been looking for - array_filter() doesn't do that. Filter a set of values from a larger set? Most likely that array_filter() is faster than a hand-coded foreach-loop because it's a built-in function. – Stefan Gehrig Jul 22 '11 at 14:41
@Stefan Gehrig I added my sample array and code for array_filter . My point is should that be similar to doing a for loop or it can be faster ? My maximum array size is 30 . – Pit Digger Jul 22 '11 at 14:54
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Iterates over each value in the input array passing them to the callback function. If the callback function returns true, the current value from input is returned into the result array. Array keys are preserved.

as for me same.

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