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I'm trying to use boost.signals library. I know that to use it, first I need to build the boost since signals is not a header only library. I followed the steps described under this topic to build the boost and did not get any errors. However, when I include boost/signals.hpp I get several C2146, C2238, C2447 errors. Most of them are syntax errors. For example there are several C2143 errors saying that missing ; before { in signals_common.hpp.

Has anyone faced such problem?

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You would get a linker error if it were a problem with how you built it. This is compile time.

Try making a simple example for people to try.

My guess would be Qt. If you are using Qt, there may be namespace conflicts.

How do I get Boost.Signals to work with Qt?

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Thanks for saving my day! –  AquilaRapax May 16 '13 at 14:51
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