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I have this HTML form which uses AJAX to pass data to a php file. (I did this so I don't have to leave the current page). Firebug gives me two errors :

document.getElementById("name") is null
ajaxget is not defined

I only started using AJAX today out of desperation, so I'm very new to it. The PHP file is second.php, the important part is that it receives the variables so it can create an output to be used by another html later, but it doesn't have to respond back:


        <script type="text/javascript">
         function ajaxRequest(){
         var activexmodes=["Msxml2.XMLHTTP", "Microsoft.XMLHTTP"] //activeX versions to check for in IE
         if (window.ActiveXObject){ //Test for support for ActiveXObject in IE first (as XMLHttpRequest in IE7 is broken)
          for (var i=0; i<activexmodes.length; i++){
            return new ActiveXObject(activexmodes[i])
            //suppress error
         else if (window.XMLHttpRequest) // if Mozilla, Safari etc
          return new XMLHttpRequest()
          return false
          var mygetrequest=new ajaxRequest()
         if (mygetrequest.readyState==4){
          if (mygetrequest.status==200 || window.location.href.indexOf("http")==-1){
           alert("An error has occured making the request")
        var namevalue=encodeURIComponent(document.getElementById("name").value)
        var agevalue=encodeURIComponent(document.getElementById("age").value)
        mygetrequest.open("GET", "second.php?name="+namevalue+"&age="+agevalue, true)


        <form method="get" action="">
        Your name: <input type="text" id="name" name="name" size="25" /> <br />
        Your age: <input type="text" id="age" name="age" size="25" /> <br />
        <input type="button" value="submit" onClick="ajaxget()" />
         <div id="result"> </div>


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    <input type="button" value="submit" onClick="ajaxget()" />
                                                 ^^^^^^^^^--- where is this function?

You do not have an ajaxget() function defined in your code.

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I didn't write the AJAX code, thought i could implement this code into my project, they obviously are missing ajaxget(),How and where could i define this particular function in the current code? I got the code from : javascriptkit.com/dhtmltutors/ajaxgetpost.shtml –  pinky Jul 22 '11 at 15:39
Rolling your own ajax handlers is such a pain... just use mootools or jquery. they'll handle all the heavy lifting for you, and let you get back to actually accomplishing something. –  Marc B Jul 22 '11 at 15:40

document.getElementById("name") is null

You have var namevalue=encodeURIComponent(document.getElementById("name").value) outside of any function. So it runs when the <script> element is parsed — which is before the element with that id exists in the DOM.

ajaxget is not defined

You have onClick="ajaxget()" but nowhere do you have any other mention of ajaxget (such as function ajaxget() { …

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