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I have a set of 10 JQuery UI sliders that need to be tested in some fashion.

Specifically, I need to drag each slider handle and observe the current value of the slider.

I've tried using various methods on the Selenium driver to grab it, like:

handle = find(".ui-slider-handle")

But I keep getting deprecation errors, and can't find decent examples of using the new action builder in selenium.

Anyone doing this, have any advice?

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Check this answer for Selenium-based solution: stackoverflow.com/questions/11138449/… –  Luciano Bargmann Nov 30 '12 at 20:07

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try this code for sliding:

  page.execute_script "s=$('#slider');"
  page.execute_script "s.slider('option', 'value', #{value})"
  page.execute_script "s.slider('option','slide').call(s,null,{ handle: $('.ui-slider-handle', s), value: #{value} });"
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Was hoping for something that simulated a real users interaction in the browser, instead of doing it programmatically. Thanks though, I may end up doing it your way –  juwiley Jul 25 '11 at 13:58

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