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I have a registration modal on my website that loads a captcha image ( If a user submits a wrong captcha the captcha image refreshes with a new image so that they can try again, but the code doesn't run a second, third, fourth, etc.. time. The image only refreshes once.

                    if(typeof(res.error) != "undefined") {
                        switch(res.error) {
                            case "already_registered":
                                $.validationEngine.buildPrompt('#email','<?=l("already_registered_question") . " " . l("email")?>','error');

                            case "captcha_mismatch":
                                if(res.refresh_captcha) {

                    } else {
                        if(res.refresh_captcha) {
                                $.jGrowl(res.message, { life: 3000});


Refresh Captcha Function:

var refreshCaptcha = function() {
    var captcha = $('#captcha_holder').find('img');
    captcha.attr('src', '');
    captcha.attr('src', '/<?=$this->session->userdata("cur_lang")?>/register/secur_image');;

The trigger to start all of this is when someone clicks on the submit button in the form. There is a .live('click') event bound to this button...

Any ideas why this won't run?

EDIT:: So it appears that in FF the new image appears, but it quickly swaps it out with a new image. But when submitting a wrong captcha it does nothing. Doesn't want to swap the image out. I am so lost.

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i've never seen someone put more cases after the default case in a switch statement. does that work? – david Jul 22 '11 at 18:43
Yeah it works, or at least I've never had an issue with it. I typically don't write my switch statements like that, I wrote it pretty fast the first go around. – dennismonsewicz Jul 22 '11 at 18:55

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I was able to figure out my issue. I needed to add in a "cache buster" to the random image generator.

Working Code:

var refreshCaptcha = function() {

    $('#loader').show("fast", function(){
        $('#captcha_holder').append('<img id="securimage_img" />');
        $('#captcha_holder').find('img:first').attr('src', '/<?=$this->session->userdata("cur_lang")?>/register/secur_image/' + Math.random() + '');

    return false;
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