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I am trying to add multiple Time values together but I am at a loss on how to do that. Lets say I have a table with a column 'MyTime' and I have 4 rows with the values (for example..could be anything):





How do I write a SELECT query to get the total time added up? I would like to keep the 'time structure' (MM:SS) format if I can. Milliseconds arent a big deal if they are there or not.

**If this is not possible or WAAAY too hard then I guess I could have the column be the seconds and add them, but then I will need some assistance on how to go from seconds to a MM:SS format

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Have you tried anything so far? –  Tom H. Jul 22 '11 at 18:10
Blindly tried SELECT SUM(MyTime) but that didnt work –  Travyguy9 Jul 22 '11 at 18:12

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Try something like this

SELECT SEC_TO_TIME(SUM(**time_column_name**)) as timeTotal FROM **time_table_name**

Use the timeTotal result for the total

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It doesnt recognize the function 'SEC_TO_TIME' –  Travyguy9 Jul 22 '11 at 18:23

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