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I recently came across the security problems of the Python pickle and cPickle modules. Obviously, there are no real security measures implemented in pickle unless you overwrite the find_class method as a basic modification to get a bit more security. But I often heard that JSON is more secure.

Can anyone elaborate a bit on this?`Why is JSON more secure than pickle?

Thanks a lot! Mark

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What do you mean by "came across"? You read something that said they were insecure? You implemented something that got hacked? Or what? – Karl Knechtel Jul 22 '11 at 19:13

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json is more secure because it's fundamentally more limited. The only python types that a json document can encode are unicode, int, float, NoneType, bool, list and dict. these are marshaled/unmarshalled in a basically trivial fashion that isn't vulnerable to code injection attacks.

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Pickle's problem is that it will can invoke arbitrary Python code. See for details. The JSON parser only has to create strings, numbers, lists, dicts, and so on. It never creates user-defined classes, so it doesn't need to execute arbitrary Python.

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