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Getting this error in Xcode 4. I am reading a book which uses 0.99.5 I think and I am using the 1.0.0 framework for cocos2d.

error: Semantic Issue: Assigning to 'CGPoint' (aka 'struct CGPoint') from incompatible type 'double'

on this line

playerVelocity = playerVelocity.x * dec + acceleration.x * sens;

Any ideas.

Full code

float dec = 0.4f; //lower = quicker to change direction;
float sens = 6.0f; //higher more sensitive;
float maxVel = 100;

playerVelocity = playerVelocity.x * dec + acceleration.x * sens;

if(playerVelocity.x > maxVel)

else if(playerVelocity.x < - maxVel)
    playerVelocity.x = - maxVel;
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playerVelocity is a vector, so you should assign a value to it like this:

playerVelocity = ccp(playerVelocity.x * dec + acceleration.x * sens, 0);

ccp macro will build a vector for you with the two component you specify. I gave 0 as y component, feel free to change this value as you need.

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So playerVelocity is a point, but "playerVelocity.x * dec + acceleration.x * sens" is a double.

You can't assign a double to a point.

I think you meant, playerVelocity.x = playerVelocity.x * dec + acceleration.x * sens; ?

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