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i have a solution combined with several projects. this is my App.xaml.cs

public partial class App : Application
     private SiteManager _siteManager = new SiteManager();

    public SiteManager SiteManager
        get { return _siteManager; }
        set { _siteManager = value; }

during my run i call another project in the same solution

SiteDll.MainWindow siteManagerDialog = new SiteDll.MainWindow();

but i dont know how to pass all vars in App.xaml.cs to SiteDll.MainWindow siteManagerDialog.

i tried:

SiteDll.MainWindow siteManagerDialog = new SiteDll.MainWindow((App)Application.Current);

and cast it in SiteDll.MainWindow constructor:

public MainWindow(object me)
    Application app = ((App)me);

but i get casting error... what is the correct way to do it ?

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You are casting YourApplication1.App type to YourApplication2.App which are different types. That's why you get a invalid cast exception.

What you can do is, you can put your common variables in a separate assembly and reference this assembly from both of your applications.

Edit I would also suggest you to add a 'WPF User Control Library' and then reference it when you are using wpf windows/pages/user controls from other assemblies, to prevent such confusions.

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