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How can I replace a specific text with HTML objects?


var text = "some text to replace here.... text text text";

var element = $('<img src="image">').event().something...

function ReplaceWithObject(textSource, textToReplace, objectToReplace);

So I want to get this:

 "some text to replace < img src...etc >.... text text text"

And I would like manipulate the object element without call again $() method.

UPDATE: I solved.

thanx @kasdega, i made a new script based in your script, because in your script i can't modify the "element" after replace. This is the script:

$(document).ready(function() {
    var text = "some text to replace here.... text text text";
    var element = $('<img />');

    text = text.split('here');

I didnt know that append method accept multiples elements. That is the idea, only need to automate for multiple replacements

thanx to all, and here the jsfiddle

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do a split on the text you want to replace then use the array indexes 0 and 1...something like:

function ReplaceWithObject(textSource, textToReplace, objectToReplace) {
    var strings = textSource.split(textToReplace);
    if(strings.length >= 2) {
        return strings[0] + objectToReplace.outerHTML() + strings[1];
    return "";

UPDATE: I found another SO post Get selected element's outer HTML that pointed me to a tiny jquery plugin that helps here.

I believe this jsfiddle has what you want. outerHTML is the tiny jquery plugin I included in the JSFiddle.

You can also use replace which will reduce some code:

function ReplaceWithObject(textSource, textToReplace, objectToReplace) {
    return textSource.replace(textToReplace, objectToReplace.outerHTML());
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Please check: – Aariba Mar 11 at 14:57

you can use $(selector).outerHtml to get the html string of an element

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ok. i do this: var obj = $('<element>'); 'some string 2 replace'.replace('string',$(obj).outerHTML); but when i try do this $(obj).click(function(){console.log('works!');}); dont work. – iLevi Jul 22 '11 at 19:44

You can replace the html directly:

$(selector).html(function(i,o) { return o.replace('old_html','new_html'); })

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This does not answer the question: "Replace text with HTML element. – Luke Sep 4 '15 at 1:40
function textToObj (text,obj,$src){
    var className = "placeholder-"+text;
    $src.html($src.html().replace(text,"<div class='"+className+"'></div>"));
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