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I want to have a table layout inside a linear layout so that there is text before and after the table layout. The issue is that I want to be able to switch between 2 tables (Table1 and Table2) but keep the text before and after the same. I thought that this would be manageable using visible and invisible features of tablelayout and define the whole thing in one layout but this doesnt seem to be the case. What I get is that when I make Table2 visible and Table1 invisble that Table2 is shifted down because I have defined it after Table 1 in the layout.

What I want is:- SomeTextHere Table1 SomeTextHere too


SomeTextHere Table2 SomeTextHere too

What I get is:-

SomeTextHere Table1 SomeTextHere too


Table2 SomeTextHere too

I have tried:-

LinearLayout TableLayout1 make visible TableLayout2 make invisible LinearLayout

Any ideas?

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If i got your question correctly i think what you can do is adding two more LinearLayout in your main LinearLayout.Then put the group (Text,Table,Text) in each LinearLayout and then you can work with each Linear Layout instead of working with text,table,text

So that your layout hierarchy looks like

< LinearLayout>

        < LinearLayout>

             < Text>
             < TableLayout>
             < Text>

    < /LinearLayout>

    < LinearLayout>

            < Text>
            < TableLayout>
            < Text
     < /LinearLayout>

    < /LinearLayout>
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I don't think I made myself clear. The text will remain the same - only the data in the table layout will change. In your solution are you making the LinearLayouts visible and invisible rather than just the TableLayouts? – John Jul 22 '11 at 19:46
i thought you need to work with full bunch like text,table, i put it on a layout.So that if you want you can hide altogether – Rasel Jul 22 '11 at 19:50
Okay, let me try again. I have some TextViews before and after the TableLayout and so I am trying to avoid having 2 TextView IDs. The same text will be displayed before and after the table and so I imagined I could use only 1 ID for each TextView before and after rather than having 2 (one for each layout in your suggestion above). I am trying to make a golf score card and so I want the name of player to remain constant at top and his total score remain constant at bottom. In the middle is a table which switches between 1-9 and 10-18 nine holes that will change. – John Jul 22 '11 at 20:40

Your problem is you're using View.INVISIBLE to hide the sections. You need to use View.GONE if you want a view to not take up space in a layout.

Also if only the table is changed then you don't need to duplicate just put the tables one after the other and set the visibility of the one that shouldn't be visible by default set to gone. Then you can just toggle them in code.

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