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When storing the session in the database via

$config['sess_use_database']    = TRUE;

Is the size of the data limited to the size of the user_data field which is TEXT ... ? Not 4kb like a normal cookie.

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I don't know for sure. But if it is, it would be very dumb. –  hugo_leonardo Jul 22 '11 at 20:24
If you save to a database, the data is indeed limited by the size of the field your saving the data it. So if you use TEXT, you should have plenty of storage available. –  Francois Deschenes Jul 22 '11 at 20:26
If you look at line #293 of session.php it still sets the cookie. –  ringerce Jul 22 '11 at 22:19

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To further clarify my comment above, when you elect to save the session data in a database, CodeIgniter doesn't set a cookie (other than the session id of course) but saves all of the information that it would have set in a cookie in your database.

If you have a look at the sess_write in the Session class located in ./system/libraries/, if you have enabled the use of a database, you'll see that it serializes the data using serialize and saves it directly to the database. There is no restriction on length imposed by CodeIgniter when saving to a database.

For your convenience, here's a link to the source code: https://bitbucket.org/ellislab/codeigniter/src/fe2247a927ab/system/libraries/Session.php#cl-252.

The only restriction is set by the field you chose to use to save the data in your database. For more information on the data type storage requirements of MySQL, read this.

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So a session around 50kb wouldn't cause CI to have issues? I've been having issues where my session data was outputting in the profiler but wasn't available in the controller. I switched out to this session library codeigniter.com/wiki/Session_Hybrid and the problem is resolved. –  ringerce Jul 22 '11 at 22:16
@ringerce - It shouldn't be a problem. The session itself is essentially just another array that gets serialized and unserialized when read or saved (unless you use cookies). I store Doctrine objects in my session which tend to be quite large without any problems. –  Francois Deschenes Jul 22 '11 at 23:03

I found the same "size limit" issue even i have ci_session table for storing

I just change in data type of user_data = longtext and my problem solve

although session size is limited to size of longtext NOT UNLIMITED

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I guess this answer your question. from the class code:

// Are we saving custom data to the DB?  If not, all we do is update the cookie
if ($this->sess_use_database === FALSE)

even the comments are from the class itself. so it updates the cookie IF not using the database.

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