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I have a tiny problem that is driving me crazy for days. I have a form panel:

Ext.define('EC.view.PasswordPanel', {
    extend: 'Ext.form.Panel',
    alias: 'widget.pwdpanel',

    bodyPadding: 15,

    initComponent: function() {
        this.initialConfig = {url:'/password/'};

        this.fieldDefaults = {
            labelAlign: 'right',
            labelWidth: 135,
            msgTarget: 'side',
            allowBlank: false,
            inputType: 'password'

        //this.listeners =  {
            //// circumvent broken formBind
            //validitychange: function(comp, valid) {

        this.buttons = [{
            text: 'Change',
            formBind: true,
            scope: this,
            handler: function() {
                    success: function(form, action) {
                            '<p>Password change has been scheduled successfully.</p>' +
                    failure: function(form, action) {
                        if ('result' in action &&
                            'msg' in action.result) {
                            Ext.Msg.alert('Error', action.result.msg);
        this.items = [ {
            xtype: 'textfield',
            name: 'pw_old',
            fieldLabel: 'Old password'
        }, {
            xtype: 'textfield',
            name: 'pw_new1',
            id: 'pw_new1',
            fieldLabel: 'New password',
            minLength: 8,
            maxLength: 16
        }, {
            xtype: 'textfield',
            name: 'pw_new2',
            fieldLabel: 'Confirm new password',
        } ];


which I instantiate a tab from within a TabPanel:

            title: 'Change Password',
            items: { xtype: 'pwdpanel' },

Now, the validation works perfectly fine, but the "Change" button isn't disabled while the form isn't valid. To be clear: When I press it, it doesn't submit, yet I feel it should be disabled?

Am I doing something obvious wrong? Another form panel in a second tab works just fine.

I can circumvent the problem using the listener I commented out, but I understand that it should work w/o.

P.S. Feel free to point out any stupidities/bad style, I'm totally new to ExtJS.

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I believe you need, formBind: true, disabled: false for the initial declaration. – Joe Jul 22 '11 at 20:16
disabled is false by default...I believe you mean "true" but when I do that it never gets enabled. It also works w/o setting disabled in my other panel (which is a GridPanel with a toolbar though). – hynek Jul 22 '11 at 20:25
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It's clear bug of extjs because even their own example works the same.

However, I've found quick workaround - add to initComponent lines:

this.on('afterrender', function(me) {
    delete me.form._boundItems;

Here is fiddle.


The bug is fixed in 4.0.7.

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TIL about fiddle, that's awesome! Is the bug known to Sencha? I couldn't find anything about it... – hynek Jul 23 '11 at 8:54
@hynek, yes, bug is known‌​. But still no answer on sencha forum. – Molecular Man Jul 23 '11 at 10:53
Ah that's exactly my problem. It just doesn't work inside of "buttons". I don't want to mention how much time I spent on this. :( – hynek Jul 23 '11 at 11:42

Sure this is an extjs bug as you can found at Ext.form.Basic.getBoundItems . This function originally initiate boundItems as empty array ([]) because its start querying before the fields is rendered. So here is the fix for this bug.

//Fix formBind
        getBoundItems: function() {
            var boundItems = this._boundItems;
            //here is the fix
            if(this.owner.rendered) {
                if (!boundItems) {
                    boundItems = this._boundItems = Ext.create('Ext.util.MixedCollection');
            return boundItems;

This fix apply globally so you don't need to always add 'afterrender' handler on every form that you create. Here is the sample of use

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