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I have a protocol that is defined like this:

@protocol Container

- (BOOL)putStuff: (Stuff *) theStuff;


and class with following declaration:

@interface Stuff : NSObject {


@property(readwrite,nonatomic,retain) NSObject <Container> * containerHoldingMe;


and I get an error on putStuff declaration — "Expected a type". If I change the argument of the method to NSObject, however, it compiles OK — so, I think that Objective C just doesn't allow loop dependence.

In real classes that I'm working at I want to implement two- However, how do I implement such logic without it?

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By the time the compiler evaluates your Container protocol, it does not know about your Stuff class. You can let the compiler know about your Stuff class with a forward declaration:

@class Stuff;

@protocol Container

- (BOOL)putStuff: (Stuff *) theStuff;

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This worked, thanks. –  Max Yankov Jul 22 '11 at 20:35
@golergka You are welcome :) –  albertamg Jul 22 '11 at 20:35

You should use id here.

@property (readwrite, nonatomic, retain) id<Container> containerHoldingMe;
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