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In Numpy (and Python in general, I suppose), how does one store a slice-index, such as (...,0,:), in order to pass it around and apply it to various arrays? It would be nice to, say, be able to pass a slice-index to and from functions.

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Python creates special objects out of the slice syntax, but only inside the square brackets for indexing. You can either create those objects by hand (in this case, (...,0,:) is (Ellipsis, 0, slice(None, None, None)), or you can create a little helper object:

class ExtendedSliceMaker(object):
    def __getitem__(self, idx):
        return idx

>>> ExtendedSliceMaker()[...,0,:]
(Ellipsis, 0, slice(None, None, None))
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This directly solves the problem, assuming you don't actually care about the representation or what it means because you're just going to pass it around to use in Numpy. I had the same thought basically, but showed how to dig in and figure out what everything is :) –  Karl Knechtel Jul 22 '11 at 20:36

The equivalent to (...,0,:) should be...

>>> myslice = (..., 0, slice(None, None))
>>> myslice
(Ellipsis, 0, slice(None, None, None))
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No, it's not slice(0); the 0 is just an index. –  Thomas Wouters Jul 22 '11 at 20:27
@Thomas: Yeah, corrected myself. –  JAB Jul 22 '11 at 20:28

The neat thing about Python is that you can actually make a class to inspect how these things are represented. Python uses the magic method __getitem__ to handle indexing operations, so we'll make a class that overloads this to show us what was passed in, instantiate the class, and "index in" to the instance:

class foo:
  def __getitem__(self, index): print index


And our result is:

(Ellipsis, 0, slice(None, None, None))

Ellipsis and slice are builtins, and we can read their documentation:

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Use s_ in NumPy:

In [1]: np.s_[...,0,:]
Out[1]: (Ellipsis, 0, slice(None, None, None))
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I think you want to just do myslice = slice(1,2) to for example define a slice that will return the 2nd element (i.e. myarray[myslice] == myarray[1:2])

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