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I have been searching for a concrete answer for this, as much of google returns a lot of very old posts. is this greetingActionForm request scope, or session scope? Is there any location besides the 'action' and 'form-bean' declaration to determine a form's scope?

                            path="/go/get/drinks.do" />
    <form-bean name="greetingActionForm" type="com.forms.GreetingActionForm"/>
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If unspecified, by default an ActionForm will have scope session.

The scope of an ActionForm is specified on the <action> configuration as attribute scope. You can find this in the Struts DTD:

The "action" element describes an ActionMapping object that is to be used
     to process a request for a specific module-relative URI. The following
     attributes are defined:
     scope           The context ("request" or "session") that is used to
                     access our ActionForm bean, if any.  Optional if "name" is
                     specified, else not valid. [session]

This value is initialized in the org.apache.struts.config.ActionConfig class which represents the configuration information of an element from a Struts module configuration file:

 * <p> Identifier of the scope ("request" or "session") within which our
 * form bean is accessed, if any. </p>
protected String scope = "session";
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