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I can do the following to insert records into a table from a select on another table:

INSERT INTO table (field1, field2) SELECT field1,field2 FROM table2

Can I do the same with an update ?? Something like this (not working!):

UPDATE table SET field1=table2.field1, field2=table2.field2 SELECT field1,field2 FROM table2
WHERE table.field0=table2.field0

I know how to do this with only 1 field, but is there a way to do it with multiple fields?

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UPDATE table A INNER JOIN table2 B USING (field0)
SET A.field1 = B.field1,A.field2 = B.field2;
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Yes, like this:

field1=(select field1 from table2 WHERE field0=table1.field0)
field2=(select field2 from table2 WHERE field0=table1.field0)
-- WHERE some condition (optional)
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Doesn't this run the same query twice, but only return different attributes each time –  ErJab Nov 9 '11 at 4:31

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