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i have session code

it's working fine

but some friend told me this code should not work !

but it's work fine with me !

i try code on localhost

so my question is , if i uploaded this code to my server

it will work fine like localhost ?

or will not work like my friend said ?

my code is

$_SESSION['news'][] = 'First';
$_SESSION['news'][] = 'Second';

its print Array ( [0] => First [1] => Second )

and that's what i want ! it's fine ..

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So your question is: "There is no problem, but what can fail?"? Why you don't just ask your friend, whats the problem with your code? – KingCrunch Jul 22 '11 at 22:08
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Yes it will work definitely. Or to be more safe you can do like following before assigning it values.

    $_SESSION['news'] = array();
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Thank you all i was scare from errors but now i decided to use it – Osama Tarek Jul 22 '11 at 22:29

Your friend is wrong. You can use arrays as session variables.

For supporting arguments, please see array as session variable and Can I Store An Array In A Session?.

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It seems okay to me. There's no reason why it shouldn't work on your server.

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After 5 hours of tests ,,

it's seems not work like my friend said !

he was right

for first time i used this way , i got an error

but i ingored it , because it's did not happin again !

but the error is show in first time only !

i browsed the page from another browser

i got that error !

i forget to save the error , but it's say you can not use empty []

after all , iam now use it as numbers

and thank you again and sorry for my language

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