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I'm using jKey but in IE8 i'm getting this error:

'length' is null or not an object

Whenever i press certain keys. It seems like whenever i press a key that doesn't exist yet (like if i never set anything up for a it has the error message). But, I did setup a key command for enter, but it's still doing it.

The code in question that's causing the error is:

 if($.inArray(e.keyCode,keySplit[x]) > -1){
  // Initiate the active variable
  var active = 'unchecked';

  // All the individual keys in the combo with the keys that are currently being pressed
  for(y in keySplit[x]) {
   if(active != false) {
    if($.inArray(keySplit[x][y], activeKeys) > -1){
     active = true;
    else {
     active = false;

The error happens on the first line. Knowing that keySplit[x] returns a typeof number when nothing exists or if the key shortcut is only a single key, I added:

if(typeof(keySplit[x]) == 'number'){ keySplit[x] = [keySplit[x]]; }

Right above the code block above.

After that it sill worked in Chrome and FF, but still not IE. I also tried:

if(typeof(keySplit[x]) == 'number'){ keySplit[x] = new Array(keySplit[x]); }
if(typeof(keySplit[x]) == 'number'){ keySplit[x] = [keySplit[x].toString()]; }
if(typeof(keySplit[x]) == 'number'){ keySplit[x] = new Object(keySplit[x]); }

but none of them worked.The jQuery code that's causing the error is:

inArray: function( elem, array ) {

    if ( indexOf ) {
        return indexOf.call( array, elem );

    for ( var i = 0, length = array.length; i < length; i++ ) {
        if ( array[ i ] === elem ) {
            return i;

    return -1;
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I think, your issue is related to another jKey bug. Check please my answer - you should use array like traversing in your implementation instead of associated.

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