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I have a bookmarklet that opens a small popup using window.open() and have set the width and height on it. Usually when it opens the content is the right size for the window. But there is one specific time where I need to display a bigger piece of content to the user.

How can I use javascript from the page displayed in the popup to resize it?

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Use window.resizeTo(). (https://developer.mozilla.org/en/DOM/window.resizeTo)

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Use window.resizeBy() instead. It's far simpler.


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How is using resizeBy() simpler than resizeTo()? Both accept height/width params. The link you provided just asserts the same - that the latter is more complicated. Based on the code in that example, it looks 'more complicated' to transform the targetHeight/Width before calling the method. –  JoeBrockhaus Feb 4 at 20:15
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