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Is there a way to access (and modify) MeetingRequests through Exchange Web Services? Particularly through PHP and SOAP.

When I tried to explicitly create a MeetingRequest with CreateItem I got an error saying that a MeetingRequest was an invalid type for CreateItem and that MeetingRequests are created automatically when CalendarItems with appropriate MessageDispositions are created. However, creating a CalendarItem and NOT sending it, and then using GetItem to retrieve details didn't yield a meeting request (i.e., it didn't exist yet).

As far as I can tell, MeetingRequests are created and sent at the same time, and there's no way to edit them in between. I'm hoping I'm wrong. Am I wrong?

Ultimately, I'm trying to add attachments to meeting requests. Right now I can add attachments to the meeting, but not to the request (i.e., when the meeting is opened in Calendar the attachment opens fine; when the meeting request is received (in the inbox) the attachment cannot be opened).

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Yes, this is possible.

First, create the appointment:

      <m:CreateItem SendMeetingInvitations="SendToNone">
      <t:DistinguishedFolderId Id="calendar" />
        <t:Body BodyType="Text">testbody</t:Body>

Then, append the attachments to the appointment:

    <m:ParentItemId Id="itemid" />
        <t:Content>base64 encoded content here</t:Content>

And finally, add recipients and update the meeting.

      <m:UpdateItem ConflictResolution="AutoResolve" SendMeetingInvitationsOrCancellations="SendToAllAndSaveCopy">
        <t:ItemId Id="itemid of the original item" ChangeKey="changekey" />
            <t:FieldURI FieldURI="calendar:RequiredAttendees" />

This will add the attachment to the invitation message.

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Thanks for your help. Unfortunately that's actually already what I'm doing; the invitation message, however, doesn't actually have the attachment. It has an icon for the attachment, but it's just an image--in order to get to the attachment itself I have to open the CalendarItem. So I was wondering if there was a way I could directly change the invitation, instead of just auto-sending with the update to the CalendarItem. Maybe this all is just Outlook 2007 being silly? –  tessr Jul 25 '11 at 16:29
Interesting. I'm using Exchange 2010 with Outlook 2010. The attachment is displayed inline the calendar invitation message body. I can doubleclick and open it. In Outlook as well as in Outlook Web App. Maybe indeed a quirk of Outlook 2007. I don't have a copy around to test this. –  Henning Krause Jul 25 '11 at 19:20
Oh I see. I'm using Exchange 2010 with Outlook 2007. So good to know. I'll probably have to try another method (i.e., avoid attachments to CalendarItems altogether). Thanks again for your help! –  tessr Jul 25 '11 at 19:39

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