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I have to use a hyperlink instead of a input submit or input button to submit a form. It needs to be validated by jQuery validator. When I use the input submit or input button, everything works perfectly, however a hyperlink doesn't validate at all when I put a submit() in the href (the form submits but no validation takes place). How can I run the validator plugin from a hyperlink then submit the form...? Thanks everybody.

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Easiest thing in the world:

$("#myform").submit(function(e) { 
  /* do the validation */
  if (validationFailed) {

$("#mylink").click(function(e) { 
  e.preventDefault(); /* because you don't want to GO anywhere */
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Add an a tag and add an onclick event to a tag and do the validation in the click event.

<a onclick="ValidateForm()">Submit</a>


function ValidateForm()
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