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This is my first experiment using Swing with Scala, and have a few questions about my code below. All it does is to produce a window with a coloured rectangle that changes colour. Please feel free to answer one or any of the questions.

App window

1) I used a Java ActionListener below because I couldn't work out how to get javax.swing.Timer to work as a Publisher. Is there a way to use the Scala model, i.e. listenTo() - or is this the way to do it?

2) My overridden preferredSize value in the Panel doesn't seem to work: the window comes up minimized. In my Java version I override the getPreferredSize method, but there is no such method in Panel, so I assumed this is the way to do it, but why doesn't it work?

3) paintComponent isn't documented at all in the Scala API documentation. I assume this is because it is protected access in Java, but it seems like an oversight. Am I correct to override paintComponent or is it hidden because I'm supposed to use the documented paint method instead?

4) Scala doesn't seem to have getWidth() and getHeight() methods on components - is it standard to use size.width and size.height?

import swing._
import java.awt.{Graphics, Color}
import java.awt.event.{ActionEvent, ActionListener}
import javax.swing.Timer

object ColorPanel extends SimpleSwingApplication {
  private var c: Color = new Color(0)

  def top = new MainFrame {
    title = "Flash!"
    contents = p

  val p = new Panel with ActionListener {
    override val preferredSize = new Dimension(200, 200)

    override def paintComponent(g: Graphics2D) {
      g.fillRect(0, 0, size.width, size.height)

    def actionPerformed(e: ActionEvent) {
      c = new Color((c.getRGB() + 1000) % 16777216)

  val timer = new Timer(100, p)
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  1. No immediate answer. But your approach is certainly ok. I don't see though why your observer should be the panel. I would create an anonymous ActionListener directly with the timer, and instead add a specific method to that panel, like def animateColor() { ... }
  2. You can use preferredSize = new Dimension(200, 200)
  3. According to this quasi official document, yes : http://www.scala-lang.org/sid/8 (section 6 Custom Painting)
  4. A bit stupid indeed to instantiate a new Dimension all the time. But if you look exactly at the example the SID, it does the same, uses size.height. In super high performance code, you may want to call directly into the underlying peer (peer.getWidth)
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Thank you, very helpful –  Luigi Plinge Jul 23 '11 at 21:25

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