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I have a django front end which the client will log into. media streams selectable from the django ui will be served from a wowza server. The wowza server needs to know that the user has permission to view the media resource.

Wowza supports java packages so I can insert user authentication into my wowza app to control access to media resources.

I own/control both servers, so I can configure a secure connection between them.

I think i should be looking into something like Oauth to pass credentials, but I am not certain as I have never looked into how to pass user authentication between two web services before.

So I think my question is: Is Oauth the appropriate mechanism to use? and if so, whats the basic requirements in terms of the django package and Java pacakge to use?

Or, is a single sign solution like this one more appropriate SSO (Single sign on ) in MVC

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What do you intend by "passing credentials"? If you need to communicate the username and password, then OAuth is not the right thing for you. – André Caron Jul 23 '11 at 2:35
I definitely don't want to pass user/pass info. I want the user to access a resource through the java servlet, but only if they have logged into the django frontend. So maybe the term credentials is wrong. – michael Jul 23 '11 at 2:41

What do not try RemoteUser backend to authenticate and use http info from REMOTE_USER variable?

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