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Is there any way to convert an entire user inputed string from uppercase, or even part uppercase to lowercase? eg. Kilometers --> kilometers. I am writing a program that doesn't work when any sort of uppercase word is inputed and it would take LOTS more lines of code to make it work with uppercase. (I'm kind of new to programming so this may seem like a stupid question). THANKS

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s = "Kilometer"

Official documentation here

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Python docs: docs.python.org/3.3/library/… –  The Demz Oct 21 '13 at 11:22
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You can do what Peter said, or if you want the user to input something you could do this:

raw_input('Type Something').lower()

It will then automatically convert the thing they typed into lowercase. :)

Note: raw_input was renamed to input in Python 3.x and above.

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also, you can overwrite some variables:

s = input('UPPER CASE')
lower = s.lower()

if you use like this:

s = "Kilometer"
print(s.lower())     - kilometer
print(s)             - Kilometer

it will work just when call.

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