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I'm using PHP curl to obtain an XML string for parsing and I'd like to parse with XMLReader. I can't find any good examples of how to iterate through each of the entries while storing some of the nodes (user, title, updated) as variables. Then I want to do something with the variables and move onto the next entry. I also need to be able to check if a node is empty (to be able to identify which entries have geo data).

An example xml feed would look like this.


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Try using a PHP client built for Twitter, such as - http://code.google.com/p/twitter-php/ Then you don't have to parse XML etc.

Using this library, your code for search page would look like

The search() method provides searching in twitter statuses:

    $results = $twitter->search('#nette');

The returned result is a PHP array:

    foreach ($results as $result) {
            echo "message: ", $result->text;
            echo "posted at " , $result->created_at;
            echo "posted by " , $result->form_user;
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