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I am trying to set background image of a div through prototype javascript.The image_path variable returning exact file location.If I use that variable in setStyle it returning only the variable name not the image.What am i doing wrong?

<script type="text/javascript">// <![CDATA[
  function changed()
    var options=$('first');
        var image_name=options.value;
        var image_path="http://localhost/dev/skin/frontend/default/wireframe/images/"+image_name;

        $('firstdiv').setStyle({backgroundImage: 'url(image_path)'});
    else {
// ]]></script>
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        $('firstdiv').setStyle({backgroundImage: 'url(image_path)'});

you're using image_path as a part of a string. You want

        $('firstdiv').setStyle({backgroundImage: 'url(' + image_path + ')'});
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