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What I need to achieve is to be able to allow users to edit a dropdownlist item that was previously set by them. So when the dropdownlist is loaded, I want the value that they had set before to be the one selected, and they can choose to retain that value or change it. My code looks like this,

if (list[1] == "Chart Type")
    <label> <%=list[1]%> </label>
    <%=Html.DropDownList("ChartType", new List<SelectListItem>
            new SelectListItem{Text="Horizontal", Value = "Horizontal"}, 
            new SelectListItem{Text="Vertical", Value = "Vertical"},
            new SelectListItem{Text="Pie", Value = "Pie"}
        }) %><br />             

list[2], in my array, contains the value of the dropdown list, in this case, either horizontal,vertical or pie. How would I go about having the selected value based on list[2]? Thanks guys!

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you can set this value when populating List<SelectListItem> like

 new List<SelectListItem>
                        new SelectListItem{Text="Horizontal", Value = "Horizontal", Selected = LastSelectedByUser == "Horizontal"}, 
                        new SelectListItem{Text="Vertical", Value = "Vertical",Selected = LastSelectedByUser == "Vertical"},
                        new SelectListItem{Text="Pie", Value = "Pie",Selected = LastSelectedByUser == "Pie"}

Selected is a boolean property of SelectListItem but only one item in the list should have this value set to true

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