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my Nlog Config is:

    insert into NLog_Error ([time_stamp],[level],[host],[type],[source],[logger],[message],[stacktrace],[allxml]) values(@time_stamp,@level,@host,@type,@source,@logger,@message,@stacktrace,@allxml);

  <parameter name="@time_stamp" layout="${utc_date}" />
  <parameter name="@level" layout="${level}" />
  <parameter name="@host" layout="${machinename}" />
  <parameter name="@type" layout="${exception:format=type}" />
  <parameter name="@source" layout="${callsite:className=true:fileName=false:includeSourcePath=false:methodName=false}" />
  <parameter name="@logger" layout="${logger}" />
  <parameter name="@message" layout="${message}" />
  <parameter name="@stacktrace" layout="${exception:stacktrace}" />
  <parameter name="@allxml" layout="${web_variables}" />

but my log output in mssql is empty. do not insert any data


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Try to enable the nlog internal error message. Maybe you can find some clues there:

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