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I'm very new to JavaScript so I'm sure the title is pretty horrible.

As an exercise I'm trying to design an ORM for node.js like Mongoose. I'm hung up on how they're doing things:

// myThing manages/delegates everything for the ORM.
// db connection information, defined models, etc.
// same as mongoose = new Mongoose()
var myThing = function(args) {
  this.connections = [];
  this.models = {};
  // etc
// define or retrieve a model
myThing.prototype.model = function(modelName, schema) {
  // real code checks if schema is a valid object
  if (!schema) {  // if we didnt spec a schema, retrieve the model
    return this.models[modelName]; 
  } else {
    // otherwise store the schema and return it.
    this.models[modelName] = new Model(schema);
    return this.models[modelName];

var Schema = function(name,specs) { 
  this.modelName = name; 
  this.specs = specs;

var aSchema = new Schema(
  { field: 'type' }

var Model = function(schema) {
    this.schema = schema;

var thing = new myThing();

thing.model('aModel', aSchema);

// im obviously going to get back an object/map/hash
// with no constructor.
var aModel = thing.model('aModel');

// again, no constructor
var instance = new aModel();

instance.field = 'test';

Perhaps I need a Model function/class that is stores in myThing and returned instead of the schema?

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var aSchema = new Schema( field: 'type'; } Huh??? Shouldn't it be var aSchema = new Schema({field: 'type'})? – Shef Jul 23 '11 at 7:29
That's a typo, thanks for finding it. Fixed now. – Richard Holland Jul 23 '11 at 7:32
Whats the question? – Duncan_m Jul 23 '11 at 8:41
Above code is wrong - I guess I need to figure out how to either return a model function or declare one and store it in the mything..somethings just not gelling for me. – Richard Holland Jul 23 '11 at 19:22

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