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I need to implement token authentication between the user of my wcf services and my server.

1- User will request a token with his username, nickname and password from server and server will respond with a token if the credentials are correct?

Question For 1

  • Should I create token for every single request or can I make it some storage to use the same token for specific period of time. What is the best way of doing that? any example on the web for this implementation?
  • After token creation, where should I store the token? inside a database table or inside the memory? or any other way?
  • What should I return if the credentials are wrong?
  • how can I prevent the user from sending so many token requests in a short period of time?

2- Then user will use that token to use my service.

Question For 2

  • how the client can pass the token to server? along with the query string? what is the best approach of doing that?

Any example or suggestion would be great.

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you can pass the token in the request header.

take a look at Oauth

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this is not much of an answer. –  tugberk Jul 24 '11 at 7:32

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