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How can I select the <span> where display is set to none in the below code?

<p id="p1">
<span id="test1" style="display:none">test1</span> 
<span id="test2" >test2</span> 

I can select the <span> whose ID is "test1" by using $("span[id='test1']"), but it does not work when I use $("span[style='display:none']").

Is there any method to get this element at a time?

Thanks a lot.

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You are looking for the :hidden selector

Please note that the proper way of selecting an element by ID is simply:


Doing it the way you are doing is making jQuery do unnecessary parsing and is much slower.

If you want to select #test1 only if it is hidden, you do this:


If you wanted to select all <span> elements that are hidden under #p1, you do this:

$("span:hidden", "#p1");

As noted in the comments, the opposite of this selector is the :visible selector:

$("span:visible", "#p1");

Would then select any visible <span> elements in the element #p1.

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just to note, the opposite also exists for finding visible elements - :visible – Darko Z Mar 25 '09 at 2:47
Fair enough. Added to answer. :) – Paolo Bergantino Mar 25 '09 at 2:52
This has apparently changed. The documentation now states: "Element assumed as hidden if it or its parents consumes no space in document. CSS visibility isn't taken into account." – cweston Jul 19 '09 at 3:47
$(#test1).is(:hidden) will return true. So you can add .is(:hidden) to your answer. This is a much cleaner solution. Check more at – akshay Apr 10 at 11:53
@PaoloBergantino why :visible selector is not filtering col element. Is there any alternative way – Vivek Vikranth Sep 10 at 14:40

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