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I am developing Soap based web services using Java. Can anyone please let me know how to authenticate the client who is consuming the web services?


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Probably the best but most complex is WS-Security with various authentication method. But it is most complex and its good for enterprise enviroment. It allows you to create end-to-end auth and there are lots of options. You can in simple case e.g. use Web Services Security UsernameToken Profile

    <S12:Envelope xmlns:S11="..." xmlns:wsse="..." xmlns:wsu= "...">
        <wsse:Password Type="...#PasswordDigest">weYI3nXd8LjMNVksCKFV8t3rgHh3Rw==</wsse:Password>

I don't know what library you use, but here is a nice article how to install Rampart into Axis2 and implement UsernameToken handling.

But in some, simplified cases you can simply make HTTP Basic Authentication to web server (through SSL). This may be worst solution but sometimes could be easiest to implement. Another solution, not connected with soap can be mutual authenticated SSL (with client auth).

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WS-Security provides the standard way to secure SOAP based web services and WS-Security Policy says how to communicate those security requirements to out side world.

Authentication can be with username/password - with UsernameToken or certificate based.

Since you are Java based - you can use the open source WSO2 Application Server to deploy your service and with few clicks you can secure your service.

This further explains how to do it...


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Here is a good example for a Webservice via JAX-WS with authentification

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I recommend you to read this good article on Securing and Authenticating SOAP-Based Web Services

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