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what is the best way to unbind all?

For example
i start a function someName('mp3Player')

in this function are many binds

function someName(mode)
  if(mode == 'exit')
    // unbind all 
    // ..........
    return true;

  if(mode == 'mp3Player')
     $('body').append('<div id="player"> *** add some html code *** </div>');
     $('#test').draggable ....
     $('.myLi').sortable ....
     $('myButton').click ....
     $('.dragable').live( "dragstop", function (event, ui) ....
     return true;


Any good ideas?

Thanks in advance!

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you can use unbind or die

jquery unbind

jquery die

in your case you are live bundingthe event so its better/necessary to usedie` as


to unbind single event as maxedison mentioned do


this will unbind the event attached to the element to unbind all the events attached to an element call unbind without any arguments

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The simplest way to do it would be to simply call something like the following on each element:


For example:

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