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I understand that the degree of a node is the number of children it has.

However, how do we define the degree of a tree?

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In general a graph has a minimum degree and a maximum degree, that is just the minimum respectivly the maximum degree of all nodes in the graph.

If a graph is k-regular, that is all nodes have exactly k neighbours, minimum and maximum degree equal k and the graph is said to be of degree k.

Because a tree is not k-regular you cannot say it has grad k, but you can find its minimum or maximum grad.

Quite common are k-ary trees, that are rooted trees where each node has at most k childs.

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Every node is itself a tree. The degree of a tree is the degree of the root node.

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I object the second sentence. Do you have a definition stating this? –  ypnos Mar 25 '09 at 3:11

Basically The degree of the tree is the total number of it's children i-e the total number nodes that originate from it.The leaf of the tree doesnot have any child so its degree is zero.

The degree of a node is the number of partitions in the subtree which has that node as the root. Nodes with degree=0 are called leaves.

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For a rooted tree you might define it as the degree of the root. In some scenarios saying it is the maximum degree of any node in the tree might make sense. But without context it is hard to say what the right definition is. It depends on how you want to use it and what is significant about the "degree" of a tree. If you have a concrete example in mind, or a piece of text that you find puzzling, please update the question.

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Theoretically definition for the degree of a tree is that it is maximum degree of node in a given tree. Degree of a node is the number of subtrees of a node in a given tree.

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The maximum number of children that is possible for a node is known as the degree of node

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