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I'm working on something like recycle bin, that I need to move folder/files to already existing folder, I tried to use


but it creates new directory and that's wrong for me, I have a specific directory to move to. Can you help me?

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It seems do don't actually want to move the folder, you want to move the contents of the folder. If you want to do that, you have to tell the computer to do that:

void MoveContentsOfDirectory(string source, string target)
    foreach (var file in Directory.EnumerateFiles(source))
        var dest = Path.Combine(target, Path.GetFileName(file));
        File.Move(file, dest);

    foreach (var dir in Directory.EnumerateDirectories(source))
        var dest = Path.Combine(target, Path.GetFileName(dir));
        Directory.Move(dir, dest);

    // optional
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