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I have an ActionMethodSelectorAttribute which i have the following line in:

 var req = controllerContext.RequestContext.HttpContext.Request.Form.AllKeys.Any() ? controllerContext.RequestContext.HttpContext.Request.Form : controllerContext.RequestContext.HttpContext.Request.QueryString;

However - this spews up when the form is posting HTML content.

Now - I do have AllowHtml on the InputModel being posted and the action itself does have ValidateInput(false)

I suspect the issue is that we haven't gotten that far down the pipeline yet

anyone know how to allow this for this filter?

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AllowHtml works only for the model binder IIRC and for ValidateInput is too soon because it is not yet certain which action will be executed. I was solving this issue few days ago and after some digging I found ValidationUtility in Microsoft.Web.Infrastructure.DynamicValidationHelper:

Func<NameValueCollection> formGetter;
Func<NameValueCollection> queryStringGetter;

ValidationUtility.GetUnvalidatedCollections(HttpContext.Current, out formGetter, out queryStringGetter);

var form = formGetter();
var queryString = queryStringGetter()

It's not really pretty, but it works :) Also note that ValidationUtility is hidden from intellisense.

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and that is why SO kicks ass :D –  iwayneo Jul 25 '11 at 8:42

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