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I am working on a Java GUI, in which i have a JTable in which i have populated my file system, on JTable i have a Right Click Context Menu Like This

My JTable GUI

i right click on my File and it opens this folders in windows Explorer, to open a file/folder in windows explorer i am using this code

Desktop desktop = Desktop.getDesktop();
    if (Desktop.isDesktopSupported()) {
    try {; //myFile is my Selected File
    } catch (IOException e) {

This opens myFile in windows Explorer Like this


i want that it should open windows and my file should be selected in windows explorer.

enter image description here


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Do you think you know which options to use? ;)

EDIT: whoops, it looks like you don't call explorer by executing it. Desktop class seems have no support for specifying options/parameters, so I guess this is not doable without using Process class.

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See this: Open the windows explorer with a file selected in eclipse

enter image description here

If you want, for example, select the folder (let's say) C:\myFolder, just replace the arguments with:

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