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Does anyone know what Exchange OWA URL I should use for connecting to Office 365 via DavMail? Tried:

Many thanks

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Go to and you should be redirected to a [host] address. Use that as your OWA URL in DavMail and also be sure that "Enable EWS" is selected in the Advanced tab of DavMail settings. Use your full OWA domain as your username to log in (i.e. and you should be in there like a dirty shirt.

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Thanks, works perfect! – Tadas Sasnauskas Feb 6 '13 at 10:02
Many thanks for this spot-on answer! – vagelis Feb 23 '13 at 9:09

After testing several other possibilities, the value which was for working for me in property "OWA (Exchange) URL" was :
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At you'll find instructions on how to determine the name of your Office365 server under the question "How do I find the server settings?"

For example, your connection details might look like this:

Your Name


Use these settings to access your email using POP, IMAP or SMTP.

POP setting Server name: Port: 99999 Encryption method: SSL

IMAP setting Server name: Port: 99999 Encryption method: SSL

SMTP setting Server name: Port: 99999 Encryption method: TLS

Using the name of the server, you can form the name of the Exchange OWA server.

In this case:

There are also hints at

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if you have a working Outlook setup you can CTRL-Right-Click on the Outlook Icon in the notification part of the task bar (system tray) and you will get an option called "Test E-mail auto configuration".

If you run that with your email address (password is not required) it will take a while and a report is shown. Look for a line that ends on exchanges.asmx and that is likely to be the URL you need.

I setup davmail wiht Office 365 this way and it works.

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No, it's something with you can find the url within your administrative console.

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Should be just the OWA URL like this:

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