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The error I got when I change the datasource of BindingSource

"databinding cannot find a row that is suitable for all bindings row that is suitable for all bindings"

        this.RemoveAllBindings(); // My work-around for the meantime

        bdsOrder.DataSource = _ds.Tables["orders"]; // errors here on second time around(first time is blank datatable, second time is when i open existing record, then it errors), dataset comes from Remoting
        bdsOrderDetail.DataSource = _ds.Tables["order_detail"];

        bdsPhoto.DataSource = _ds.Tables["order_photo"];
        bdnPhoto.BindingSource = bdsPhoto;

My Helper extension method work-around on perplexing "databinding cannot find a row..." error.

namespace MycComponentExtension
    public static class Helper
        public static void RemoveAllBindings(this Form form)

        private static void RemoveAllBindings(this Control root)
            foreach (Control c in root.Controls)
                if (c.Controls.Count > 0) RemoveAllBindings(c);


What's the meaning of "DataBinding cannot find a row..." error, if at all possible, can I eliminate my work-around on it?

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I have seen this error when no DataGridView is involved, but my data source was being updated from another thread (naughty!) and my binding had FormattingEnabled=false. Changing both of these seemed to fix the problem.

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Weird, FormattingEnabled=true does seem to magically avoid this “Data binding cannot find a row in the list suitable for all bindings” InvalidOperationException. – binki Jul 10 '14 at 14:30

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