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I'm trying to create function that provides historical volatility after getting symbol from Yahoo. However, when I pass output to volatility function it doesn't like it; The Get variable gets assigned a vector with quotes, e.g. "SPY", but the volatility function only takes without quotes (SPY no "SPY"). I try to take quotes off using noquote() and now get following error:

Error in log(x) : Non-numeric argument to mathematical function

My code


vClose = function(X){
Get <- getSymbols(X, from="2000-01-01", src="yahoo")
Set <- noquote(Get)
volatility(Set, calc="close")

Any help would be great.

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Just set auto.assign=FALSE in your call to getSymbols:

Get <- getSymbols("SPY", from="2000-01-01", auto.assign=FALSE)
volatility(Get, calc="close")
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Thanks a bunch! – jd8585 Jul 23 '11 at 21:32

noquote()is not the answer. Instead you want get(). The following example works, though you might want to change the variable names as getand Getcan get confused.


vClose = function(X){
Get <- getSymbols(X, from="2000-01-01", src="yahoo")
volatility(get(Get), calc="close")

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Thanks so much! Great help. – jd8585 Jul 23 '11 at 20:36

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