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I am implementing a WCF service library. You add a new code file that contains the following code segment.

Namespace ContosoWCF 
Public Interface IRateService 
Function GetCurrentRate() As Decimal 
End Interface 

Partial Public Class RateService
Implements IRateService 
Public Function GetCurrentRate() As Decimal _ 
Implements IRateService.GetCurrentRate 
Dim currentRate As Decimal = GetRateFromDatabase() 
Return currentRate 
End Function 
End Class 
End Namespace 

I build the service library and deploy its assembly to an IIS application. I need to ensure that the GetCurrentRate method can be called from JavaScript. What should I do?

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Add a file named Service.svc to the IIS application. then Add the following code segment to the file.

<%@ ServiceHost Service="ContosoWCF.RateService" Factory="System.ServiceModel.Activation.WebScriptServiceHostFactory" %>
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