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In ksh, how do I prompt a user to enter a value, and load that value into a variable within the script?

command line

echo Please enter your name: 

within the script

$myName = ?
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You want read:

echo Please enter your name:
read name
echo $name

See read(1) for more.

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You can do it in a single line, like so:

read -p "Please enter your name:" myName

To use variable in script

echo "The name you inputed is: $myName"
echo $myName
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this works well on cygwin, but not for ksh on AIX 7.1 - accepted answer from Marcus works on both – Straff Mar 21 at 2:50
The question has a linux tag, so I'm assuming the OP wants a Linux answer. AIX, a proprietary branch of Unix deved by IBM is not part of Linux. As far as I know this has worked on all the branches of Linux I've worked with and it has the formatting advantage that the first answer doesn't (as using an echo followed by a read statement forces uses input on a new line whereas read -p does not). – thebunnyrules Mar 23 at 21:18

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