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Got this from some mysql queries, puzzled since error 122 is usually a 'out of space' error but there's plenty of space left on the server... any ideas?

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The answer: for some reason Mysql had its tmp tables on the /tmp partition which was limited to 100M, and was filled up by eaccelerator cache to 100M even though eaccel is limited to 16M of usage. Very weird, but I just moved eaccel cache elsewhere and problem solved.

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Error 122 often indicates a "Disk over quota" error. Is it possible disk quotas exist on the server?

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No as I said the account has no quota (unlimited) - maybe some other quota I dont know about? – Michael Sep 15 '08 at 23:51

are you using innodb tables? if so, you might not have auto-grow turned on and inno can't expand the table space any more.

if these are myisam tables and it only happens on specific tables, i would suspect corruption. do a REPAIR on the tables in question.

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I resolve this issue by increasing my disk size. try df -h to check whether there are enough disk space on your server.

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try to turn off quota using quataoff command

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If you got this in IE7 running an AJAX query, there is a known issue with GET requests returning an HTTP 122 error.

(see link for description/example)

Only happens in IE7 (that I know of)

Status Error: 122 Status Message: "IE7 cannot print out that many zeros using Ajax"

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