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Here's the scenario:
I have used default SqlMembershipProvider to implement membershp on a website. Now I'd like to migrate to my custom membership provider. (FYI the provide I use is CodeFirst Membership Provider.
The problem is, the provider uses a custom encryption/hash algorithm to store passwords in db and I don't want to generate new passwords for every user and mail them the new password.

How can I implement default membership password hashing/encryption in my provider. I used reflector/googled and tried the following code which seems to be the default implementation in SqlMembershipProvider:

internal static string GenerateSalt()
    byte[] buf = new byte[16];
    (new RNGCryptoServiceProvider()).GetBytes(buf);
    return Convert.ToBase64String(buf);

internal string EncodePassword(string pass, string salt)
    byte[] bIn = Encoding.Unicode.GetBytes(pass);
    byte[] bSalt = Convert.FromBase64String(salt);
    byte[] bAll = new byte[bSalt.Length + bIn.Length];
    byte[] bRet = null;
    Buffer.BlockCopy(bSalt, 0, bAll, 0, bSalt.Length);
    Buffer.BlockCopy(bIn, 0, bAll, bSalt.Length, bIn.Length);
   HashAlgorithm s = HashAlgorithm.Create("SHA1");
   bRet = s.ComputeHash(bAll);
   return Convert.ToBase64String(bRet);

And used it in my ValidateUser method:

  string salt = GenerateSalt();
  string pass = EncodePassword(enteredPassword, salt);
  bool verificationSucceeded = pass == user.Password;  

But the pass returned from EncodePassword is different from the one that the default SqlMembershipProvider has put into database before switching to custom membership. How can I implement the exact password validation/generation like Default SqlMembershipProvider?

Note: since I have not defined any machinekey in my web.config, I'm sure the default provider used Hashed Password Format, not Encrypted or Clear.

Thank you.

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Found the solution:

in ValidateUser method, we have to get PasswordSalt from aspnet_Membership table, not generating it!

Dummy question. :|

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A dumb question is one not asked. If you didn't know, there were many others who didn't either, who this question helped. –  Andrew Neely Sep 9 '13 at 15:13
As Andrew said, I've just come across this today and it was exactly what I have needed. Thank you. –  ryanulit Mar 5 '14 at 21:09

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