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I've integrated In-App-Settings into my application. I've added a Footer to my Settings(Root.plist inside of my Settings.bundle).


I've had some problems with achieving my desired appearance, because the Footer is too far apart from its group (see screenshot below)

Footer is supposed to be directly below group, without gap.

How do I achieve the "normal" appearance where the Footer comes directly below of its corresponding group? Do I have to modify my Root.plist or does the error lie somewhere else?

Thanks for you help!

EDIT: I don't know if that makes any difference but I've integrated the In-App Settings via the InAppSettingsKit.

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I think your Root.plist is a bit incorrect for what you are trying to achieve. Item 3 is causing a new group to be created with no cells and just the footer text which is why there is all that spacing.

You need to delete your Item 3 Dictionary and put the FooterText Key-Value pair in the Item 0 Dictionary to get the footer text directly under your first group

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