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I am making a chat application. Where i am using tabhost. I have a activity A to show the frndlist and activity B for chat window. Now when an entry in the frndlist clicked a tabwindow opens where i add tab dynamically using the intent of activity B. Now if there are more than one tab when i nevigate through those tab nothing get called(oncreate, onpause,onresume) and the containt remain same for all tabs. Only one instance of activity B is created.

Is there any idea to create chat application with tab(like yahoo mail chat).

thanks in advance Please help Rawcoder

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Create this class too in your TabActivity

class PreExistingViewFactory implements TabContentFactory {
    private final View preExisting;

    protected PreExistingViewFactory(View view) {
        preExisting = view;

    public View createTabContent(String tag) {
        return preExisting;

This works for me.

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