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I setup some routes like so:

resources :stormtroopers, :only => [:show, :index, :update, :edit]

I suspected that the new action when I hit the url '/stormtroopers/new' would not be available, however the show action is trying to look up the id 'new'

my rspec test says it all

expected {:get=>"/stormtroopers/new"} not to be routable, but it routes to {:action=>"show", :controller=>"stormtroopers", :id=>"new"}

is this correct behavior on rails part? I don't think its my route?

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You have no route anymore for your new action because you removed it.

But the show action is looking for /stormtroopers/something. With no constraint on something.

That's why it matches this route and triggers this action.

Usually, the resources defines internally new before show and that works because the rule in routing is: first matched, first served.

So it's just logic, clear?

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I figured that, but I am more curious if this is what it should be doing? I guess my thought was if I am not declaring the new action, then should routing still try and route it using show? Apparently so. –  Adam T Jul 25 '11 at 3:16

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